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Yeti is an Abominable Snowman, an ape-like creature that scales 6ft to 8ft tall, 90-180 kg weight, with thick black hair without a tail usually stands upright. The mysterious creature eats small mammals, fruit, vegetables, and cattle. The hominoid lives in the higher parts of the Himalayas in Nepal, Tibet, Australia, Scotland, North-Western USA, North-Eastern Sikkim, and Russia. The beast is called Yeti in Nepal, Miche in Tibet, Almas in Mongolia, Yeren in China, Fear Liath in Scotland, Yowie in Australia, Megue in Bhutan, Sikkim, Sasquatch and Bigfoot in the United States.

Tibetan people said man-bear. Western Nepal people said that long-eared monster (Lamkarna). Mountaineers claimed at media who have seen during an expedition. Nevertheless, nobody has taken any photographs at a close distance except the footprint. Yoshiteru Takahashi said he found the Yeti cave on the slopes of Dhaulagiri in 2003. He further mentioned that the camera became frozen before its photo. The Rolwaling Expedition led by Edmund Hillary was to track Yeti in 1960.

It believes the Yeti killed a local woman between Mong La and Dole in Everest Region on January 1, 1998. H. W. Tillman and Lord Hunt found the creature track on Zemu Glacier Sikkim in 1937. Major L. A. Wassell had seen the footprint in Northeast Sikkim. Eric Shipton found the yeti footprint at Menlung Glacier Everest Region in 1951. Rock Climber Don Whillans was found the foot on Mount Everest in 1970.

Late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa claimed that he saw the Abominable Snowman. People believed the hominoid lived in Mount Kailas, Tibet. Reinhold Messner claimed as he saw in Tibet in 1986. A taxidermy hand of Yeti was in Pangboche Monastery in Solukhumbu district, which disappeared in 1990.

The mountain people claim Yeti disappeared long ago. The Himalayan monster is folklore of Mountaineers and alpine people in South Asia. Everest trekkers can visit Khumjung Monastery with its scalps. The Yeti's documentary video was also made in Nepal. Sherpa people believed the mysterious creature used to live in the Gokyo and Rolwaling valleys in Nepal. Trekkers, climbers, and mountain people often narrate the story of the Abominable Snowman. Sir Edmund Hillary carried the skull from Khumjung village to America for an experimental study in 1960. The report said, as the bear-like mammal. The scientist does not prove anything except sightings and reports.