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Women travellers in Nepal

women traveller in Nepal

Women travellers in Nepal are very safe on the day hiking, tour, rafting and trekking holidays in Kathmandu, Pokhara and mountain regions. Trekking passes along the jungles, remote valleys, riverbanks and isolated land where rumours said a solo female trekker is not safe. Nepal professional tour, trekking, and rafting guides lead safe and comfortable trips. Most of the travel agencies arranged single rooms and tents for the ladies. Sometimes, a guidebook travel journal mentions that a single woman is not safe. We suggest never booking a trip with unauthorised companies, shopkeepers, or tour operators that cause problems. 

Women travellers in Nepal can be safe by their positive behaviours. Don't share your things with guides, porters and outsiders. Book Nepal treks tour packages only with professional, licensed companies and tour operators. Take care of misbehavers while on a story, gossiping, discussing. We provide skilled guides for your comfort. Feel free to ask for safety information before booking the holiday packages. Stay overnight with the nice trekker's group during the mountain journey. 

Female travellers in Nepal are safe with a professional guide, Sherpa and porter. Some of our guides have worked in the Nepal tourism field since 2002. Mobile phones are available in the mountains and major cities of Nepal. The single tourist can call the company and police checkpoint. Besides a few, Nepalese people are friendly, humorous, and helpful. A guide without a license cannot take part in tourism jobs. The knowledgeable guide with Porter is trustworthy. The Nepal government controls the tourist problem. Dear women, visitors think twice before booking a Nepal holiday. 

How to be safe in Nepal?

1. Don't walk alone in isolated areas, forests, cities or sightseeing places.

2. Lock your room door and windows before and after entering.

3. Take a torch and headlight while walking in the dark.

4. Don't quarrel with Nepalese friends. 

5. Check always if someone follows you.

6. Don't wear tight, revealing clothes.

7. Don't share your goods with others.

8. Take advice from your travel company before going to a dance bar, pub or nightlife centre.

9. Stay in contact with your friends, assistants, guides and police with a phone number. 

10. Don't ask and listen in the streets, sightseeing places or mountains with unnecessary queries. 

11. Before bathing at a riverbank, waterfall and in public bathrooms, take care if someone is peering at you. 

12. Always take care of people, dress up, behaviour. 

13. When you have a problem, ask for help from your friend or field guide. 

14. Return to the hotel and camp early at night without drinking too much.