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Women travellers in Nepal

women traveller in Nepal

Women travellers in Nepal can ensure their safety by exhibiting positive behaviours. Avoid sharing personal belongings with guides, porters, and strangers. It is advisable to book trekking tour packages in Nepal only through reputable, licensed companies and tour operators. Be cautious of individuals who behave unsuitable while engaging in storytelling, gossiping, or discussions. Our team provides experienced guides to ensure your comfort and security. Feel free to inquire about safety measures before finalizing your holiday plans. Consider staying overnight with a group of fellow trekkers during your mountain expedition.

Female tourists in Nepal can feel secure when accompanied by a professional guide, Sherpa, or porter. Many of our guides have extensive experience in the tourism industry dating back to 2002. Mobile phone coverage is available in mountainous regions and major cities across Nepal, allowing solo travellers to contact the company or local authorities in case of an emergency. Despite a few exceptions, Nepali locals are known for their friendliness, sense of humour, and willingness to assist visitors. Unlicensed guides are not permitted to work in the tourism sector, ensuring that knowledgeable and trustworthy guides are readily available. The Nepalese government actively regulates the tourism industry to address any potential issues. We urge female travellers to consider their options before booking a holiday in Nepal.

How to be safe in Nepal?

1. Avoid walking alone in remote areas, forests, urban areas, or tourist spots.

2. Ensure locking your room's door and windows when entering and leaving.

3. Carry a flashlight or headlamp when walking in dimly lit areas.

4. Refrain from getting into arguments with Nepalese acquaintances.

5. Stay vigilant and regularly check if someone is following you.

6. Opt for modest and non-revealing clothing choices.

7. Avoid sharing your belongings with strangers.

8. Seek advice from your travel agency before visiting dance bars, pubs, or nightlife establishments.

9. Stay connected with your friends, assistants, guides, and local authorities by keeping their contact numbers handy.

10. Avoid unnecessary inquiries or discussions with strangers in the streets, tourist spots, or mountains.

11. Exercise caution when bathing near riverbanks, waterfalls, or public bathrooms to ensure no one observes you.

12. Always be mindful of your appearance and behaviour towards others.

13. If you encounter any issues, seek assistance from a trusted friend or tour guide.

14. Return to your hotel or camp early in the evening and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.