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Shamanism tour in Nepal

Nepal Shamanism tour is exciting to sort out your hidden problem with a village shaman. People believe in evil spirits and supernatural forces explaining animism and theism. An unseen force affects all human beings. Spirits (anima) exist in rocks, trees, rivers, moons, suns, stars and mountains, which requires proper balance. Faith healer's history dates back to 50000 years. The ancient healing practice has remained in Nepal, Bhutan, Northern India, Siberia, and South America. It is based on cosmology and divides the universe into three levels. The upper level stays the sun, moon, stars, planets, and deities. The medium level stays human beings and the lower level stays spirits. Within three levels of the universe must have balance, otherwise, it creates problems for human beings. 

Shamanism tour in Nepal provides an incredible experience even for tourists. The shaman's role stays ever-important in Nepalese society. Family members of society believe in Anima. Shaman practice exists especially in the Hilly region, including Dhading, Nuwakot, Dolakha, Jajarkot, Kaski, and Kathmandu districts. We must respect our nature, element, deities, and spirit if not their roles connect with human beings. Village Shaman calls Jhankri who plays a mediating role, communicating with the divinities. The shaman has already been initiated and practised by a Guru (teacher). Sometimes shaman learns a course with Ban Jhankri (super-human) in a hidden cave or forest.

The shaman shakes, rattles, drums, and enters into a trance later forecast by a medium of the spirit. He tells sickness cause describing further treatment to drive away evil spirits. The shaman takes a long-time conversation with the spirit world. Jhankri wearing a traditional dress performs his drum chanting secret mantras. Special days are Sunday and Tuesday for a friendly environment. He sacrifices a chicken, pigeon or male goat to feed spirits. It takes at least three times to cure sick people. 

Shamanism tour in Nepal celebrates in Gosainkunda, in August at the Janai Poornima festival. The incredible shaman festival celebrates by locals, pilgrims, and visitors. The Nepal tour is an opportunity to heal your problem with the shaman. The tour departs from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Nepali politicians, rich families, and ordinary people occasionally visit shamans to fulfil their wants. Nepal Shaman Association has still preserved an ancient tradition in Nepal. Contact us for the healing experience, cost, itinerary, and information.