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Kathmandu Nepal

Kathmandu (1350 m) is Nepal's capital and biggest city, a city of temples and named of the district covering 395 sq km territory of Kathmandu Valley. The former Kantipur city (City of Light) is 3200 years old. Kathmandu district has developed numerous towns, including Thamel, Asan, New Road, Baluwatar, Naxal, Durbar Marg, Baneshwor, Kirtipur, Balaju, Ratna Park, Bagbazar, Kalimati, Maharajgunj, Lazimpat, Sankhu and Boudha. Kathmandu, Nepal, is the most important for all Nepalese people for their shopping, hospital, education, employment, international airport, administration, tourism, and agriculture. 

Kathmandu Nepal is the Centre of Politics, Culture and Commerce and has continued a trade route between India and Tibet since medieval times. Nepal history reports Kathmandu was established in the 10th century during the King Guna Kamdev government. Tribhuvan International Airport, the gateway to Nepal, lies 6 km east of the city centre. Metropolitan City Kathmandu (32 wards) was launched in 1995, updated in Province Number 3, Bagmati Pradesh. Holy rivers Bagmati and Bishnumati flow from Naragjun-Shivapuri National Park and drain out at Chobhar Gorge. 

UNESCO listed four Cultural World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu in 1979, such as the Swayambhunath StupaBoudhanath StupaKathmandu Durbar Square and Pashupatinath Temple. Palace of Rana dynasty Singha Durbar modified as Secretariat Office with Prime Minister office. Narayanhiti Royal Palace (the royal massacred spot in 2001) next to Thamel turned into Narayanhiti Palace Museum. Numerous government offices have been established in Kathmandu, including the President's Office (Maharajgunj), Army Headquarters (Bhadrakali), Police Headquarters (Naxal), Armed Police Force Headquarters (Halchowk, Swayambhu), Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (Naxal), Supreme Court of Nepal (Ram Shah Path).

Governmental and private television stations, radio stations, National Museum (Chhauni), Keshar Library and Garden of Dreams (Thamel), Kumari (Living Goddess), Bhimsen Tower (80 meters), Rani Pokhari (Queen's Lake), Tour and Travel agencies, Immigration (Kalikasthan Marg), Nepal Tourism Board (Bhrikuti Mandap), Headquarters of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (1985, Thamel) and Tribhuvan University (Kirtipur) spread around the capital city. Fruits and vegetable markets settled in Kalimati and Balkhu. The Indigenous Newari community has a unique culture, language, tradition, festival, food habits and dress. However, different ethnic groups and communities of Kathmandu represent all over Nepal. 

According to the 2021 census, Kathmandu has 544867 households with a 2041587 population of 5169 per square km. The district caste ethnicity population are Brahman-hill (22%), Kshetri (20.8%), Newar (18.6%), Tamang (12%), Magar (4.5%), Gurung (2.5%), Rai (2.3%), Bishwakarma (1.7%), Sharpa (1.6%) and foreigner (1.6%) of the total population. The district literacy rate is 89.2%, and district voters are approximately 557000. Kathmandu Metropolitan City voters counted as 300242 in 2022. Balendra Shah (independent) received 61767 votes for the Mayor, and Sunita Dangol (CPN-UML) received 68612 votes for Deputy Mayor in the Local Election 2022. Kathmandu district has ten Municipality, Dakshinkali, Chandragiri, Gokarneshwar, Kirtipur, Budhanilkantha, Kageshwari-Manohara, Nagarjun, Shankarapur, Tokha, and Tarakeshwar. The UNESCO World Heritage sites were destroyed in the earthquakes of 1934 and 2015. 

The civilization valley (899 sq km) was the capital of six dynasties (1500 BC - 2008 AD), such as Cowherds, Buffalo Herds, Kirat, Lichchavi, Malla, and Shah Dynasty. The 7th-8th-century wooden pavilion (Kasthamandap) made of single tree wood in Kathmandu Durbar Square revered by Kathmandu translates Kath (wood) and Mandu (temple). The surrounding wooded hills are the scenic viewpoints to observe Kathmandu metropolis, Shivapuri 2732 m (north), Phulchowki 2765 m (southeast), Champa Devi 2250 m (southwest), Nagarjuna 2097 m (northwest), Kakani 1982 m (northwest), Pokhari Thumko 2005 m (southeast), and Bhaleshwar Danda 2561 m (southwest). Kathmandu city suggested several day trips.

Several university-affiliated colleges, private government schools, shopping centres, stadiums, parks, guesthouses, and five-star hotels have established Kathmandu. Moreover, it has made concert halls, restaurants, butcher shops (2500), casinos, bars, discotheques, massage centres, hospitals, industries, factories and nurseries.

It established Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL), Melamchi Water Supply Project (1998-2021), District Court (Babar Mahal), Fire service, Nepal Electricity Authority, foreign embassies, Ring Road (27 km), All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), National Stadium (Dasharath Rangasala), and Chandragiri Hills cable car station. Nepal's political leaders, celebrities, doctors, students and workers live in the capital city. 

The city has a warm and cool temperate monsoon climate zone. The temperature remains o° Celsius to 3° Celsius in winter and 28° to 36° Celsius in summer. Nevertheless, the heavy traffic, crowds, noise, air pollution, lack of infrastructure and poor management of Kathmandu suggested changing into a beautiful city.

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