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Guide and Porter Service

Guide and porter service Nepal

Guide and Porter Service required for safe, comfortable, exciting trekking tours holidays in Nepal. Few trekkers are sometimes missing in remote mountains because of the slippery trail, snowstorms, avalanches, landslides, and wildlife. Professional mountain guides and porters save a tourist's life in the trekking regions. Expert tour guides are worth explaining culture, art, architecture, and story. Experienced, easygoing, friendly guides and porters hire in Kathmandu, Lukla, and Pokhara for the trekking journey. The Nepal government requires licensed guide hiring later on 1st April 2023. Government designs for employment and tourist security. 

Guide and Porter Services are offered at Yeti Trail Adventure at a fair price. We provide a skilled guide to the Himalayas trekking with a written itinerary. Porter carries a 20-25 kg bag with knowledge of hiking routes and a little English. The license-holder guide explains hiking trails, weather, and culture. Yak and mules are used to carry group trekker baggage and food. Guide and porter salaries depend on their knowledge, duration, and destination. Every day hiking, camp fixes on traditional routes, but individual trekkers choose a long-day camp. The guide explains mountain peaks, trails, culture, weather and safety. Tour guide explains the city, history, culture, art, and education system.

Nepal Trekking Porter 

A trekking porter is a physically and mentally fit boy or girl who carries trekker backpacks and rucksacks with a tumpline. Sherpa is overnight camp security at the camping trek. Sherpa also represents an ethnic group of the Everest Region who lives above 3500 meters in height. Nepalese youngsters carry a 20-25 kilogram rucksack on the mountain journey. He must have enough warm clothes with insurance before the mountain hiking. A trekking porter gets a $20-$25 salary per day. 

A trekking porter carries two tourists' baggage, and the tourists take only a camera, water bottle, and day bag. Porter brings tourist rucksacks to the camp on time. The porter walks behind the group and arrives later to camp. Tourists take enough time for photos and rest if they hire a porter. After a few years of experience, the porter will be a guide. Approximately 20000 porters work in Nepal trekking field. 

Nepal Trekking Guide 

Trekking Guide required two months of training at the Nepal Academy of Tourism after two years of experience in the Nepal trekking field. He should have extra language except for the English language, trekking paths, first-aid, national park, conservation and environmental rules. The guide always walks together with the tourists. Professional mountain guide provides detailed information and excellent service to their clients. The physically fit professional Nepali guides understand tourist problems, choosing routes, diversions, and local interaction. The trekking guide pays food and drinks bills according to their company package.

The mountain guide made the trip comfortable and safe. Nepal trekking guide explains things seen and unseen while walking along the mountain routes on settlements, religion, tradition, custom, architecture, history, cuisine, flora, fauna, weather, and possible hazards. He reconfirms flight tickets, hires porters, and fixes transports to trekking starting and ending points. Nepali trekking guide works as an assistant guide to Mount Kailash, Tibet. Approximate 17000 license holder trekking guides (2022) work in Nepal. A trekking guide takes a $25 to $50 salary per day with expertise in language, trekking route, culture, flora and fauna. 

Nepal Tour Guide 

Tour Guides required three months of training at the Nepal Academy of Tourism with a bachelor's degree certificate. He works with remuneration and explains heritage sites, history, culture, art, architecture, lifestyle, cuisines, museums and the city. The tour guides escort Kathmandu, Pokhara and Mountain in response to the tourist questions. These guides are non-paid ambassadors of Nepal. Sometimes, he goes to Tibet, India, and Bhutan as an assistant guide. Kathmandu and Pokhara hired English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi and German-speaking guides. The tour guide charges $30 to $100 for one day with a tour itinerary. 

Some 4200 tour guides have licenses in Nepal tourism fields. Tour Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN) is a non-profit organization in Kathmandu. It fixed remuneration, interacts with an issue of tourism, and then advises its members and government. Except mentioned, Climbing, Rafting (353), Expedition Guides work in Nepal. They are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in relevant fields with licenses. Professional male and female guides are hired in Nepal, though female guides are a few numbers. Contact us to book professional Nepal tours and trekking guides.