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Golf in Nepal

Golf in Nepal is a popular sport, which is played on a large area of grass with a stick hitting the small hard ball into a series of holes (usually 18). The first golf course was Gauchar Golf Course (9-hole golf) in Kathmandu Airport, which was established by Kiran Shamsher in 1917. The golf places are available in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Devachuli (Nawalparasi), and Dharan. 

Golf in Nepal is being popular between Nepalese and foreigners. Annual, Nepalese golf clubs offer exciting events. Contact us for further information. Hire a private vehicle to reach those places to enjoy golf with luxurious resorts. 

List of Golf Course

1. Himalayan Golf Course, Pokhara (7 km far from the city) opened in 1998 (18 holes) Call at 061521882

2. Yeti's Golf Course, Fulbari Resort & Spa opened in 1997 (9 holes) Call at 061432451

3. CG Retreat, Devachuli, Nawalparasi  opened in 2003 (18 holes) Call at 9826444611

4. Royal Nepal Golf Club, Kathmandu Airport ( 9 holes) Call at 014494247

5. Gokarna Forest Resort, Gokarna Kathmandu opened in 1999 (18 holes) Call at 014451212

6. Nirvana Country Club Health and Golf Resorts, Dharan opened in 1962 (9 holes) Call at 025525555