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Bandipur, Nepal

Bandipur (1030 m) is a municipality and village in Tanahun District, Gandaki province of Nepal (18 May 2014), 141 km west of Kathmandu and 78 km east of Pokhara. Eighteen-century picturesque Newar village perched on terraced fields, 8 km north of Dumre Bazaar at Pokhara-Kathmandu highway. Nepal census year 2021 reported 5208 households, 18532 people of Newar, Magar, Bahun, Chhetri, Gurung, Damai, Kami, and Sarki people. Bandipur village has 57 hotels with 22 homestay lodges. 

Bandipur village is outstanding in tranquillity, fresh air, breathtaking mountain views, village lifestyle, tourism, hospitality, and Newari culture. Travellers enjoy spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South (7219 m), Lamjung Himal, Manaslu (8163 m), Ganesh Himal (7406 m), Langtang Himal (7245 m), sunset, sunrise, terraced fields, green hills, Marsyangdi valley. The annual minimum temperature drops 2° Celsius, and the maximum temperature grows 33° Celsius. 

Bandipur Municipality has a basic guesthouse, resort, bus stop, social organization and library. Tourists can enjoy Paragliding and photography of the village, Pokhara-Kathmandu highway, Marshyangdi river valley and mountain. There is a temple, school, silk farm, orange garden, hill station, various plants and butterflies. 

Places to visit

Tundikhel (a parade ground)

Tundikhel spells playground near Bandipur Mountain Resort. The ground offers a picnic, soccer football and views of a snow-capped mountain, sunrise, sunset, Marsyangdi River valley, Prithvi Highway and village. 

Bandipur Bazaar

Bandipur was a Newar town since the medieval (12th to 18th centuries), dotted by the typical house, tea shops, hotels, lodges, internet, grocery, restaurants, temple, school and police station. Travellers interact with locals about the Newari lifestyle, farming, weddings, school, health posts and funerals. The peaceful town sells local food, bread, ice cream, seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

Khadga Devi Temple

Near Bandipur Bazaar, Khadga Devi Temple near Bandipur Bazaar celebrates the annual Dashain festival in October. A Khadga (a sacred sword) in the temple was the gift of Lord Shiva to King Mukunda Sen (1518-1553) of Palpa, Nepal. The festival worships the sword as a symbol of Goddess power.

Bindya Basini Temple (Nepal Sambat - 937)

The pagoda-style Bindhya Basini Temple lies southeast of Bandipur Bazaar. Annual Newari people celebrate Nepali New Year (mid-April). The Hindu Goddess Bindhya Basini statue with a chariot pulled within the town. 

Thani Mai Temple

The Hindu Thani Mai Temple, also called Purano Kot (fort) on the hill station west of Bandipur Bazaar, suggests a 25-minute uphill hike. People pray every Tuesday with an annual celebration of the flower chariot, Lakhe Dance. The hill station grants stunning views of snow-capped mountains, Bandipur village, a tea garden, and sunrise and sunset views on a clear day.


Teendhara explains Three Waterspouts by extending five waterspouts 15 minutes east of Bandipur Bazaar. There are rest house picnic spots and a shrine of Lord Shiva.

Rani Ban (Queen forest)

Rani Ban translates as Queen forest, covered by orchids, rhododendrons, pines and other plants near the village. 

Siddha Cave

Siddha Cave is 45 minutes north of Bimalnagar on Pokhara-Kathmandu Highway. The largest cave in Nepal is 437 meters in depth, 50 meters in height, and figures of limestones and formations of gods and goddesses. The cave demands an entrance fee, a local guide, and a flashlight to visit inside. Bandipur walks downhill track to visit the cave.  

Ramkot village

Ramkot village is a Magar village 2 hours west of Bandipur with a typical house and rural lifestyle.


Every year, Magar, Newar, and other ethnic and caste groups celebrate Khadga Jatra (October), Bisket Jatra (April), and Baisakh Purnima festival (April/May).